Month: January 2011

Stendal – Porta Westfalica

km cycled this year: Now 870 …

Some tracks and photos from between (almost) Elbe and Weser:

Options for BaltikumExpress

Let’s imagine we were doing a bike tour called “BaltikumExpress” this summer. Point A is Berlin, Point B Tallinn in Estonia.

We have the following options and kilometer counts (according to Google Maps):

a) “B1/Kaliningrad option”

Berlin 0km – Küstrin/Polish Border 88km – Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg an der Warthe) 131 km – Walcz 240 km – Elblag (Elbing) 471 km – Kaliningrad (Königsberg) 572 km – Sovetsk/Lithuanian Border 480 km – Siauliai 610 km – Riga 720 km – Tallinn 1050 km

Advantages: Shortest route, Russia as a new country

Disadvantages: Visa costs for Russia, No Warsaw, no Masuren.

b) “Warsaw option”

Berlin 0km – Küstrin 88 km – Poznan/Posen 254km – Warsaw 551 km –  Masuren – Suwalki 860 km – Kaunas 970 km – Riga 1240 km – Tallinn 1570 km

Advantages: No visa cost, Warsaw, Masuren.

Disadvantages: No Russia, longer road.
If we reach Helsinki to quickly, we can consider going to Turku (177 km from Helsinki) as an option.

Sunny days in January …

After a cold and snowy December, January is just the opposite.  Surprisingly perfect weather conditions for cycling aficionados. For the record, that’s what we did:

Sat, Jan 15: Zürich – Dielsdorf – Hohentengen (29 km) – Rafz – Eglisau – Bülach – Zürich (79 km). Note that if you cycle along the Rheintal-Radweg you won’t reach Eglisau. Cheers to Nokia Maps, without which we would probably still cycle upstream.

Sun, Jan 16: Zürich – Winterthur (26 km) – Frauenfeld (42 km) – Konstanz (70 km) – Romanshorn (91 km). + Biberbrugg – Gross (100 km) – Samstagern – Horgen – Zürich (144 km). These 144 km are record for the young 2011 so far!

500 km by the middle of January – this is also record-breaking, although “maximizing yearly kms” is not really a target for 2011 🙂

No GPS tracks logged, but pictures courtesy of Teamweiser here

Ohrwurm: The Arcade Fire – Month Of May

Tour 1/2011

The first “100er” for the year has already been accomplished on Sat, Jan 8:

Zürich – Winterthur – Frauenfeld – Konstanz – Radolfzell – Singen – Schaffhausen, 130 km on speedo, 126 km according to  bikemap

at almost 8°C, varied weather (rain / sun / fog / snowy tracks) and incredibly deep unpaved roads … Katja is a truck

Ohrwürmer: The Maccabees – Walking In The Air