Sunny days in January …

After a cold and snowy December, January is just the opposite.  Surprisingly perfect weather conditions for cycling aficionados. For the record, that’s what we did:

Sat, Jan 15: Zürich – Dielsdorf – Hohentengen (29 km) – Rafz – Eglisau – Bülach – Zürich (79 km). Note that if you cycle along the Rheintal-Radweg you won’t reach Eglisau. Cheers to Nokia Maps, without which we would probably still cycle upstream.

Sun, Jan 16: Zürich – Winterthur (26 km) – Frauenfeld (42 km) – Konstanz (70 km) – Romanshorn (91 km). + Biberbrugg – Gross (100 km) – Samstagern – Horgen – Zürich (144 km). These 144 km are record for the young 2011 so far!

500 km by the middle of January – this is also record-breaking, although “maximizing yearly kms” is not really a target for 2011 🙂

No GPS tracks logged, but pictures courtesy of Teamweiser here

Ohrwurm: The Arcade Fire – Month Of May

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