Month: May 2011

Agasul, Sternenberg and Sattelegg

4689 km


As alpine as it gets

Return to Nufenen (last ridden in 2003, never ridden from Airolo so far) and Grimsel (ridden in 2006, 2008 and 2010, but also never from the South) in a beautiful Alpine panorama – km in 2011: 4527



Mountains South of Zurich in May 2011

4285 km after some tours around Zürich Zürich – Ibergeregg – Zug (100 km on speedo) incl. thunderstorm at Ibergeregg Zug – Albispass – Buchenegg – Würenlos – ZH Fotos


ASVZ Velo Tösstal paradise …

4095 km in 2011 after (only a little rain, otherwise perfectly warm)


Baltex Plan

You can find a first draft for the tour to St. Petersburg here:


Start of the alpine summer season

Gotthardpass opened today, as early as never before. The old Tremola road from Airolo in fact did NOT open today (on the pictures you can see why), but where there is a will, there is a way. Cheers to a good season in the high mountains!

Road Airolo – Einsiedeln (OrientExpress 2007 reloaded)

km count in 2011: 3741